Architectural Fine Art Photographer:

 “I am captivated by the relationship of design, light, and landscape.” -JSP

Joseph St. Pierre was born and raised in Portsmouth, NH. The seacoast’s wealth of shipyards and historical architecture captured Joseph’s attention   at a young age. As an elementary school student, he began photographing historic ships, buildings, and homes; thus laying the foundation for Joseph’s love of architecture and photography. He studied photo journalism at White Pines College; business management at NH College and Web Application and Deployment at New Hampshire Technical Institute. Since 1979, he has been a professional photographer, operating his own photography and design studio in Portsmouth, NH. Today, he has complied a vast and varied client base as well as an extensive portfolio that represents the best of his architectural photography.

As an architectural fine art photographer, Joseph St. Pierre’s distinction is that each architectural image is a work of art.  Joseph’s photographs are a complex study of shape, form, function, and light. Joseph’s interpretation of these elements both capture and fulfill the architect’s authentic vision as well as the vision of his clients.

Joseph’s work has been published in national and regional magazines some of which include: Traditional Homes; Atlantic Monthly; AIA Journal; Woman’s Day; NH Home; NH Profiles and Around Concord. Many of his major commercial clients include: architectural and construction companies; interior design firms; development firms; high profile hotel chains and more.